The craziness has started.


This picture is on Erik’s second day of school and Elizabeth’s first, August 14.  I also had to add Maisy as she isn’t so sure where her favorite people are going, but she will have lots of time to catch up on her sleep.


We have been in school a little over 1 week now.  We are in full swing with all of our activities.  Elizabeth has tennis every night after school as well as choir one night a week and violin lessons.  Erik has soccer practice twice a week and a game most weekends.  He also has choir and piano lessons.  Sometimes I think all Jim and I do is coordinate schedules and drive E and E from place to place.


Summer is Almost Over….

I can’t believe that in a few short days school will be starting….

We tried to do a variety of things this summer.  Here is a list of what we accomplished….

*picnics at the park and in our backyard

*touch up Elizabeth’s circles in her room; paint stripes for the Tiger’s in Erik’s room and add chalkboard paint to both of their rooms

* Wingnut Baseball Games

*fishing on vacation

*bike rides

*mini golfing

*visiting Exploration Place

*hosting and attending birthday parties

*hanging out with friends

*sliding on the slip and slide(this is something I did when I was growing up)

*Elizabeth cooking(I love this…it gives mom/dad a break)

*Vacation Bible School

*Vacation to Branson

*Sprinkler and Water parks

*games and more games(indoors and out)

*sleeping in a tent in the backyard

*swimming lessons

*church camp and scout camp for Elizabeth and Erik

*reading(in our list is the Twilight series and Harry Potter)

*going to Nebraska and seeing relatives, spending a few days with grandma

There are a few things on my list that we would like to accomplish before the calendar says fall.  I will also be posting some of our vacation adventures in the next few days.