A Nebraska Wedding

Two weekends ago, Erik, Elizabeth, and I traveled to Nebraska to see our cousin get married.  This was an especially fun wedding to go to because Adam, the groom was the ring bearer for our wedding 17 years ago.  Adam has grown into a fine young man and Hope seems like a great person for him.  They have known each other since High School.








Erik, Grandma (my mom), Elizabeth

Erik, Grandma (my mom), Elizabeth

Joyce (my mom) and Rich (Joyce's brother and my Uncle)

Joyce (my mom) and Rich (Joyce's brother and my Uncle)

Me, Jamie (my brother), and Mom

Me, Jamie (my brother), and Mom



Time Flys

It has been 3 years since we moved to Newton.  It is hard to believe that we are starting year 4.  When we first moved here we lived in a rental because we decided to buy a house that wasn’t completed.  Maisy had to live with a friend and her dog in Emporia  for 6 weeks until the house was finished.  When we moved in during the middle of September in 2006 there was no yard and over the last 3 years we have worked really hard to make the house our home, althought at times I miss the character and charm an older house would have had, but  I don’t miss the unexpected repairs.   We have repainted all of the rooms except for the master bedroom, and finished the basement except for trim work.  I think I am most proud of how the yard looks.



Now that Erik has turned 9, he is trying to do all of the grown up things.  Over the last several weeks, he is learning to mow the lawn under the watchful eye of dad.  I’m thankful that he is still okay doing it with dad and his attempts have only been several passes in the front or back yard.


Labor Day Weekend

100_0037We spent the weekend in Newton this year.  The weather was cool so we could not make one last trip to the pool.   On Saturday, the boys went to a Nebraska game watch.  The girls had a movie night.  We watch Marley and Me.

On Sunday, we played at home and went to church.   In the evening, we watched the Titantic…It was the black and white version.  The kids were surprised to see something in black and white.  The movie was good and helped us to make sense of some of the things we learned at the Titantic Museum in Branson.

On Monday, I took Erik fishing and Elizabeth spent time playing tennis with a friend across the creek.  Erik enjoys fishing, but he is not very patient.  In the hour we were there, he changed locations several times, changed the bait on the hook, and threw rocks and tree branches into the creek…Yes, I know not very good if you are trying to catch a fish, but he had a great time.

100_0035100_0036Erik now tells me that I really do not know much about fishing because when I was around 5 years old I fed the worms to the baby birds instead of fishing with my grandpa.


After the fishing trip, it was time to make homemade ice cream.  This has been a tradition with both Jim and my family so we have started doing with Erik and Elizabeth, however this was the first time this year and it had rave reviews.  We may have to try a different flavor next time!




I learned to cook by helping my mom and going to 4-H.   I have memories of helping her bake during the summer and I even added “my own recipes” in her favorite cookbook when I was a toddler.   Elizabeth has also developed a love of cooking.  I am not sure if that came from me or Jim.  Jim is pretty good in the kitchen, too.  We spent Saturday baking a variety of things with zuchinni and then she thought we should try our hand at pita bread to go with the homemade hummus Jim made.  I have to say she did a great job with the yeast, something that I am not too good at.  I see a “chef” in our future.100_0017100_0019100_0020100_0018

Weekends are for soccer

Erik started playing soccer last weekend and it will be an almost weekly event through October.  Last weekend he played goalie the second half  of their first game.  100_0005100_0006ErikHe is playing with boys that he started playing with when we moved to Newton.  They have grown together the past 3 years and have experienced some changes as some of the boys have decided to give football or other activites a try.  His first coach, Aaron and his family including one of the boys, Andy are spending the next 3 years in Colombia. 

Erik is the one in the yellow between the two players in green.