Is it really November?  It was in the 70s today.  Erik played football for awhile in the yard.  I took Maisy for a walk and Jim mowed the neighbors’ yard.  I really wanted to share my flowers that are doing so well despite some cold weather last week. 





How time changes things….

I am adding several posts today that will reflect fall activities and a different perspective now that Erik and Elizabeth are growing up.  This is sometimes hard for me to image…the time has went way to fast.  I saw this saying or something close to it the other day, “The days go by slow, but the years go by fast.”  I would have to agree.

Happy Halloween…

Erik went trick or treating around the neighborhood with “Spiderman”.  He, aka Harry Potter, also went downtown to the safe walk.  He collected 2 pumpkin cans full of candy…way to much to have at our house.  Elizabeth had planned to stay home and hand out candy, but as with a teen she is always changing her mind.  She spent several hours with friends that are in dance at the dance studio doing Halloween activities.  They then went trick or treating to get some candy and then hung out and watch a really scary movie.  (She is such a good girl, she called first to see if it was okay!)100_0188100_0189

Elizabeth felt the need to have 2 costumes for Halloween this year.  She was a teen Pebbles at the Middle School Dance and Girl Scout Halloween party.  She even won a prize for one of the best costumes.  Yesterday she was a bunny.


Kids and parents are always creatvie in thier customue ideas.

Here is a picture of our neighbor C. who turns 1 in January with his mom.  Can you guess, he is Charlie Brown?


From a pumpkin to a jack-o-lantern…


Elizabeth and Erik did the planning of a jack-o-lantern and craving on their own.  I was available to help clean out the inside and help with some of the cutting.  I wasn’t sure I was ready for Erik to do it on his own, but we used the safety knives.



A trip to the Pumpkin Patch…

100_0157Starting in October, I was asked several times, “Are we going to the pumpkin patch?”  My answer was yes.  We had planned to go on one of the days we had off from school, but of course it was running and I don’t think going to the pumpkin patch in the rain is a good thing.  So we headed to Burns, KS which is about 45 minutes from here to go to Walter’s Pumpkin Patch. 

There were lots of activities, but we only had a couple of hours before needing to be back for youth activities at church.  They did the bouncing pillows, the slide through a haystack, and paddle boats.  They were happy that they could go by themselves without an adult.



We did not find pumpkins at the patch that they wanted to carve.  So we brought small pumpkins and gourds home to decorate with.  Five years ago, we would never have been able to leave a pumpkin patch without pumpkins for carving.  It was a great afternoon to be together as a family!