Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Many of you will have come to this site after receiving our Christmas Card.  We chose not to do a letter this year and hope that you will come back to this site often to see what is happening in our lives.  I decided to do this blog to keep family and friends up to date on our comings and goings.  It is also a way for me to keep up to date with Elizabeth and Erik when I am so far behind in my scrapbooking, hopefully these posts will be my memory joggers.  If not, I guess I can always rely on Erik.  He doesn’t seem to forget anything.  I hope to figure out the video editing in the new year so you will be able to see Erik and Elizabeth actually singing or playing their instruments.

As we prepare for Jesus’ birth, we have taken time to sing at Kansas Christian Home with our Church.  Whenever we do this activity, I feel overwhelmed that just singing to residents at a retirement/care facility can actually make their day.  It seems that many may not get visitors on a regular basis and this becomes a joy for them.  This is an activity that has become a tradition with our family.

Another tradition is one of giving to another family.  From the time, Elizabeth and Erik were little we have helped them to purchase gifts for a little boy or girl that is less fortunate.  This year we also purchased water for families in Africa that do not have clean drinking water. 

In a time, when we as a society seem to think more is better, I want my family (me included) to remember the real meaning of Christmas and share that with others throughout the new year.  I will sing of your steadfast love, O Lord, forever; with my mouth I will proclaim your faithfulness to all generations.  I declare that your steadfast love is established forever; your faithfulness is as firm as the heavens.  Psalm 89:1-2

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmas’s and much Joy in 2010!  Love:  Jim, Jonni, Elizabeth (13) and Erik (9)


Playing Catch Up in November

Well, it is almost the end of December and I wanted to include a few of our November events.

November 8

Erik walked in the Veteran’s Day Parade with Boy Scouts.  We want to say thank you to our family members who are Veteran’s.  In our family that includes:  Grandfather Bird, Grandpa Brown, Aunt Peggy and Uncle Mike on Jim’s side of the family.  On my side it would be Grandpa Bales and Uncle Jamie.




November 14

Elizabeth was in Hutchinson with a Youth Conference for Church.  Erik enjoys any time that he can have our undivided attention so we went to Exploration Place.  He loves to spend time “flying.”  I would not be surprised if we do not have a pilot in our future.


November 22

This was a week for music.  Erik had his first piano recital on Sunday and then on Monday night, Elizabeth and Erik sang with Newton Community Children’s Choir for their winter concert.    Erik has been taking lessons for less than 1 year.  Last year at Christmas he wanted a piano book with Christmas songs in it so we bought a beginning book.  Between the 3 of us we taught him the names of some of the notes on the staff as well as where middle C and some other notes on the piano were.  Well, by the end of the holiday season last year he was able to play a song or two.  His repetoire of songs continue to grow.  He amazes me in the fact that many of the songs he has memorized!

The weekend wasn’t all work….Elizabeth and her friend Elyse with mom in tow went to see New Moon.  This is the sequel to Twilight.  We enjoyed the movie and then a sleepover.


We were greatful that we were able to spend a few days with my mom in Nebraska.  We spent  Wednesday until Saturday in Beatrice enjoying her company and good food.  We were also able to meet the newest addition to her family, Ted E. Bear.

Jim got into the spirit of things by helping in the kitchen.  He does enjoy cooking!

Maisy was not too excited about this trip to grandma’s as she had to share her time with the new puppy.