Spring Break Reflections

It has been 2 weeks since we enjoyed spring break.  I don’t know if enjoyed is the exact word for it….it was cold and even snowed at the end of the week.  I think the only nice, warm day was the day we drove to Nebraska.  It is warm but windy here today, but none the less a great spring day.

Spring break was

 shopping and to visiting Exploration Place,

 working together cleaning out the flower bed in front of the house and planting pansies (I’m really in the mood for Spring.),

Erik and Elizabeth enjoying a “coffee drink” from Starbucks.  They used their own money.

making and eating  a special treat to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day,

eating lunch at the Nu-Way Cafe…it is your typical diner from the 50’s. They have rootbeer in mugs and it reminded Jim and me of A&W Rootbeer,

doing grades, writing reports, reading books, and sewing,

relaxing at grandma’s,

playing games on the Wii or just plan being silly,

"Cotton Eye Janie"

and going to the circus.  This has been a tradition for a really long time.  Grandpa used to take us, but now we have continued the tradition with grandma. 

Erik and Adam who is a Shrine Clown.

We were suppose to have soccer, but due to the snow both games were postponed.  I guess that gives the boys more time to practice and posts for the future.


Happy Birthday!

Today was my brother’s birthday!   Jamie is my younger brother, but he calls me “short-stuff.”  Some memories I have about Jamie are…his birthday was on Easter one year when he was little so he had chocolate bunnies on his cake; it snowed one year on his birthday; he hit me over the head with a hoe one spring day when I was checking on my mud pies, so I spent the afternoon at the doctor’s office instead of school; he made me a beautiful cedar chest during “shop” class in high school; mom, dad, and I travelled to Minnesota to be with him his first Christmas away from home and in the Air Force, and he is a pretty great guy even though we give each other a bad time and don’t visit as often as we should.  He is having major back surgery this week and I hope God will keep him safe and guide him through a speedy recovery.

Me, Jamie (my brother), and Mom

Compassionate Children.

As a parent, I hoped that I would raise children to think about others.  We do things throughout the year to encourage this thinking, but you never know what they are thinking and what their responses might be.  Tonight on the way to youth group, Elizabeth and Erik were having a discussion (I was just driving and listening) about helping people in Haiti after the earthquake as well as helping the people of Chile since the quake there last week.  They said that they were disappointed that Haiti was getting all of the help and the people of Chile weren’t getting much even though the earth quake in Chile was much stronger.  Elizabeth thought it might be because the buildings were built better  in Chile and there wasn’t as much distruction.

On a side note, I have wondered this myself…I admit I don’t watch much news, but do read the newspaper and it seems like Haiti did get more attention than Chile.

Erik and his friends at Slate Creek contributed coins and other money to send to Haiti.  He gathered Jim’s pennies, but contributed a few of his own dollars to the cause.  Elizabeth and the StuCo members at Chisholm are having a bake sale this week and will send the proceeds to Haiti.  She spent the afternoon making cookies that others will enjoy so others may begin to rebuild their lives.

I am very proud of my kids and what they do for others!  There are times they think of themselves and are selfish, but they are also learning to be compassionate and think of others.

Ready for the Concert.

Elizabeth participated in the Orchestra Concert at Chisholm Middle School on Tuesday, March 2.  All three grades participated as well as band and chorus students.

In case you don’t know, Elizabeth is the fist person in the second row.  At the present time she is playing one of the first violin parts, but heaven forbid she would look at the audience so her mom could take a picture:)

Too old for Dr. Suess??

I guess one can never be too old for Dr. Suess.  Tuesday was the doc’s birthday.  Erik requested “Green Eggs and Ham” for breakfast.  Even though I don’t particularly care for the green eggs they weren’t a bad way to start the day.  Several nights last week we read a Dr. Suess story before going to bed. I think Erik and Elizabeth enjoyed them more since they are older and can understand some of the humor.

A Wake Up Call

I am finding that staying up to date is much more difficult than I thought.  My original goal when starting this blog was to post at least 1 time each week.  I did not think that would be too difficult since some of the blogs I follow have daily or several posts throughout the week.  Well, I had a wake up call in January.  I lost some pictures due to computer problems than things got very busy with Erik’s basketball and Jim’s birthday party, and of course work and other activities.   Stay tuned and I hope to get caught up and try again for my weekly posts.  I also changed the theme of the blog to give me some energy as I am ready for spring instead of the cold and dreary days of winter.

Turning 50

 In 2010 a few things that we are familiar with will turn 50.  Some of these include the copying machine, Redken products, bubble wrap, Little Debbie Snacks, “The Twist”, Mr. Potato Head, and our own Jim.  Jim’s birthday is January 23.  On Friday night we went to Exploration Place in Wichita to see an exhibit with Mr. Potato Head. 

Erik and his potato head creation.

A princess potato for our princess.










On Saturday, we had a “surprise” party for Jim.  Erik and Elizabeth helped with the guest list, food ideas, and the cake. Jim had a idea that we were doing something for him, but wasn’t quite sure what or who were involved.  Elizabeth and I spent the afternoon cooking and getting things ready.  Someday in the future, I may enjoy cooking and planning parties, of course I would need the help of Elizabeth.




















 Chili Cook-Off Champion

The youth hosted a chili cook off for all members of the church on January 31.  Erik wanted to fix chili for the event.  He looked through my cookbooks to find a recipe.  He found one called Grandma’s Chili.  The ingredients were purchased and with a little bit of dad’s help the chili was prepared and put into the crockpot. 

This is what Erik’s crockpot looked like at the end of lunch.

The younget cook gets 1st Place!

Here is the recipe if you would like to try the award winning Grandma’s Chili. 

1 large onion(Erik used minced.)

2 pounds ground beef

28 oz can stewed tomatoes

16 oz can dark kidney beans, undrained

15 oz can chili with beans (Erik used campbell’s brand)

103/4 oz can tomato soup

1tsp BBQ sauce

1/4 tsp. garlic salt

1/4 tsp. garlic powder

1/4  tsp. onion salt

1/4 tsp. chili powder

pinch of sugar

Brown onion and beef in skillet, leaving meat in larger chunks.  Place in slow cooker.  Add remaining ingredients.  Stir.  Cover.  Cook on High 4 hours.  Serve with crackers, rolls, butter, and apple crisp with whipped topping. 

We did double this recipe, but did not double the amount of meat used.


Erik is truly a boy who loves every sport and gives it his everything.  During January and February he played b-ball on a rec. center team.  Some of the boys on his team attend school at Slate Creek others do not.  The coach is the dad of his best friend. 

Tomorrow is the start of spring soccer.  Erik and the boys on his team which are all 8/9 year olds will practice two times a week and then start having games on the weekends the middle to end of March.  I surely hope it warms up by then.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is so different depending on your age.  It has been fun to watch the kids at their Valentine’s Parties over the years.  When Elizabeth was in 1st and 2nd grade she wanted me to always be the room mom at the party.  As Erik has grown, it hasn’t been that big of a deal for me to me there.  This year he had a very specific theme for his Valentine’s.  If you remember Halloween, you will know that his favorite character at the present time is Harry Potter.  He wanted to work on Valentine’s by himself.

As they grew less time was spent looking at the Valentine Cards on the days that followed, however this year Erik’s bag is still around with some favorite pieces of candy.

Flowers from my guy and kids on Valentine’s Day remind me how much I love them and they love me!