Happy Easter

I think Erik was a little disappointed when he realized that there were no hidden eggs to find this morning before we headed off to breakfast at church, but this is what he said to me…”Mom it’s okay because it isn’t about the eggs or candy…it’s about Jesus and that he was resurrected for us.”

I am glad that Jesus did care enough for us and that the world is a better place because of his sacrifice.  Erik and Elizabeth along with other members of our church participated in a Maundy Thursday program.  We were able to feel rocks and think about Jesus being beaten with them, feel thorns like those place on his head, hold nails between our fingers that were similar to those that were used to nail Jesus to the cross, and taste vinegar just like was put into his mouth.  At the end of the service we received a life saver candy as a rememberance.  After this experience on Thursday, it made me reflect on how much of a price he did pay so we could be here today.

During the weekend, we did take time to continue a tradition of dying eggs.  Elizabeth and Erik did it all by themselves this year; another sign they are growing up.  They also had some new clothes to wear to church this morning.