4th Grade Recognition

Another milestone happened this year.  Erik has completed his time in elementary school.  It has been an enjoyable 3 years in Newton as Erik has had his dad for his PE teacher.  I am sure Jim will miss him in the mornings when it is time to set out the equipment.

The 4th graders will move to a new building next year which will be the 5/6 Center.   It will be exciting to see what changes there are in a new building.

The 4th graders had a music program and then were recognized by their teacher and principal.

The night of recognition.


Erik playing "Ode to Joy."

Erik receiving his certificate of recognition.


Erik and his best buddies!


Erik and Mrs. Fast



Elizabeth was involved with track this year at the middle school.  She particpated in the throwing events, discus and shot put.  For the most part she did better at each meet.  She had to do lots of running which is not a preferred activity, but we are very proud of her for sticking with it.

Notice the girl from Emporia behind Elizabeth. They remembered each other from 4th grade.

Watch out for the discus!

Happy Father’s Day

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.    Proberbs 22:6

Jim and I were raised with loving and caring fathers.  We are thankful they were in Elizabeth and Erik’s lives for a short period of time.

Grandpa Brown and Elizabeth May 1997.


Grandma and Grandpa Maatsch with E and E, Christmas 1995.


I am thankful that I have a loving and caring dad for Elizabeth and Erik to grow up with.  We had a great weekend.  Jim’s youngest brother and his fiance came for a visit.  We also spent the afternoon at Tanganyika .


Today was spent cleaning Elizabeth and Erik’s rooms.  Elizabeth did most of hers solo, but toward the end she wanted some help and I came across some poetry she had written in class this year.  I thought I would share a few and more will be posted later in the summer.


I am rain,    

Dripping into your life.

Adding a swirl of color through every twist and turn of life.

I am full of 13 years of energy.

Add a little bit of faith and hope, and you have me.

A wonderful, young, amazing, young woman.


Friendship lives in your heart

she doesn’t care what color you love,

what kind of clothes you’re going to wear,

or what kind of food you like to eat.

Her job is to make you feel loved and included in all that you do.

Her hobbies are hanging out and going shopping with you!

She goes on vacation to the beach to find you more friends, to help you get along.

Her memories are deep but sweet, and dreams are magical.  

Her problem is she doesn’t have a long enough life, to touch us all before time is up.


Daisy dances around the hall,

so elequantlyshe sways from side to side.

One foot in front of the other, smooth as a swan.

Gentle and little, her arms move to his shoulders,

never too scared to let go

to move onto the next obsticale in life.

Happy Birthday!

It is hard for me to believe that my oldest child, Elizabeth turned 14 today.  I can still remember the names of the nurses that were with me that day, Sharon and Amy.  I also remember that there was a thunderstorm the night before she was born.  Elizabeth was also born on our last day of school in Emporia in 1996, it was a great way to begin summer vacation. 

Elizabeth and cousin Sarah on a weekend trip to Nebraska.

Elizabeth and a friend, sporting their braces from Dr. Sweet.

All wet at the bumper boats!







Eager to please



Happy Birthday!!  I love you more today than I thought might be possible 14 years ago.  I am thankful that you have touched our lives and the lives of others.