A trip to Grandma’s

This was suppose to be last weekend’s post on Grandparent’s Day, but oh well too many things got in the way.

Erik and Elizabeth truly love their grandparents!!  They enjoy going to Nebraska and spending time with the one grandparent that is still around to spoil them.  In August, they went and spent 4 days with grandma while Jim and I had some adult time.  Grandma took them to the Gage County Historical Society Museum and the Homestead National Monument.  Erik was so interested he took notes and has started to write a book about his trip.  He had Elizabeth take pictures to use in his book.  They also love to play games with grandma, anything from UNO  (which was over 9o minutes long) to Authors, to Polyanna.  These days they also enjoy playing with her dog, Teddy.


A few tears

One of the bunnies from the last post did not make it and the little man was very sad!  I found one of the bunnies in the window well a few days ago.  I was trying to figure out the best way to get him/her out since Jim has been gone all week and it has been very busy ( I’m not strong enough to lift the cover or very brave to deal with a bunny from the wild.)  Well, I decided today after school that I would have Erik climb through the bedroom window and capture him/her in a bucket and we would take him/her to the field behind us.   The wait was  a little too long and the heat this afternoon was too much for him/her.  Erik did retrieve him/her and we put him in some shade close to the house (on the side without the dog) with some water only to find him/her not breathing tonight.

Erik takes everything to heart and cried, but it was a good learning opportunity because we talked about how s/he could have died in the wild because s/he was a little bunny not knowing what to do in the big world,  we did what we could to keep him/her  safe from Maisy.  We also talked about how sometimes God has things die in the wild when there are too many of them (???natural selection) and there have been many bunnies in our neighborhood this year.  At the end Erik said the bunny was in a better place playing with little boys and girls in the meadow in heaven.  We will bury him/her in the morning behind our fence.

These 2 DO NOT Go together!

A few weeks ago we found a bunny nest in our flowers.  We worked really hard to keep Maisy out of the flower bed when they were tiny and not moving around much, but now these little critters have grown up and are exploring our yard.

We helped two of them escape outside of the fence, but there is one that still shows up in the evening and Maisy chases it around the yard or has her nose to the ground for the scent of bunnies.  By nature she is a “hunter” so I don’t know how much longer we can be successful at keeping one of them safe!  I hope the little one doesn’t think that whenever it squeaks that someone will come and move the big white dog from the yard because that is what has been happening.  Maisy, I hope that bunny figures out there are wide open spaces behind us to go and play in so you can have your yard back.