“The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow…”

Multiple rehearsal beginning in September

2 a day rehearsals for one week

Dress rehearsals until after 10pm

and 5 performances…

It was priceless!!







Cast picture after 1st evening performance.


Elizabeth is the orphan with the blue dress and green apron.  She doesn’t have her glasses on…



This year we were blessed to have our family come to Kansas the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We had dinner at our house sourrounding some other important events.  There were 12 of us here, even though many others were in our thoughts and prayers. (Sorry no pictures, too busy being hostess!)

Today we celebrated as a family of 4.  We had a second round of the usual fixin’s on a much smaller scale.  During our prayer we each said what we were thankful for….the thoughts included family, both immediate and those not so close; having a job and the things we need; and for living in a country where we are free and can celebrate Thanksgiving.

“So let’s not get tired of doing good.  At just the right time, we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”  Galations 6:9

This verse has been on my computer since the beginning of fall…everyday when I read it, it reminds me to try to be positive and intentional about things.  In the end there will be many blessings, given by God for all of us and for that I am truly thankful.



Erik is the first one in the bottom row.


It has been a few weeks since since the  U-12 soccer season ended.  The boys ended their season  3 and 5.  The 3 wins came at the end.  They improved every game and it was a great way to spend our weekends in September and October.  It is also fun to see these boys together on and off the soccer field.

A look back…Homecoming

Some high school teams in Kansas are still playing football, ours is not.  Homecoming came mid-way through the season, but I am just now getting around to posting the pictures.

There was a parade before the football game, including some new traditions:  bands and dancers that ride.


Boys that eat turkey drumsticks…he had waited several games to get his.


And a girl ready for her first homecoming dance as a freshman.

FALL….A time for change

This may or may not be noticed in our day to day activities, but in the seasonal activities we do with our children.  From the time Elizabeth was little we made a yearly trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins to have on our porch and to carve.  This year, we decided to venture to the local nursery to purchase pumpkins.  They had a nice selection and choosing was very difficult.

Another change came on Friday night, Elizabeth headed to the football game while Erik and I carved pumpkins with some help from dad.  She had talked about helping us, but when the time came she said she didn’t need to carve a pumpkin.  (The mom in me was a little said, not having her to help!)

On Saturday, the youth group at church had a carnival and trunk or treat.  Elizabeth and Erik had a large hand a planning the event.  They dressed up (Elizabeth was a cat and Erik was a soccer player), helped with the games, and most importantly Elizabeth helped to make treats for the event.  We made “spider web cookies”, candy corn cupcakes, and “bones with spaghetti sauce (sorry no picture), which really was bread sticks in the shape of bones.

A friend, Homer, that came for Trunk or Treating.

The final change for the season came when Erik went trick or treating solo.  Elizabeth decided she wanted to stay home and hand out the candy.  It’s time to think of new traditions to go along with their changes.