A Family Outing

Last Friday night, we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters.  It was an evening filled with lots of laughs and good basketball.  Erik wanted to go last year,we didn’t make it.  This year we decided to go, but kept it a secret until about a week before.  Our seats were in the upper level at Intrust Arena in Wichita, it would have been quite pricey for 4 of us to sit in the lower level seats.  Overall, it was a great evening to do something together as a family! that I hope Erik and Elizabeth remember in the years to come.



If you are a boy scout or know anything about boy scouts…you know that they like to camp.  Last weekend Erik participated in his first Trappers campout.  The boys from the area went to West Lake where some other 4600 boys and adults from Kansas and neighboring states spent Friday night to Sunday.  Since Erik is not officially a Boy Scout yet, he only spent Saturday and Saturday night with his troop.  He came home saying he had a good time and sporting his new treasures, a pheasant foot necklace and 2 back scrathers made out of turtle legs.  From a mom who doesn’t always like wildlife, these were pretty cool!  He said that the only thing that got cold was his toes which I was thankful for!

Leaving for first cold-weather camp out.

After the campout with his treasures.

Is it really a severe weather day?

Last night the call came about 10:45.  We would not have school due to severe weather conditions.  It had been drizzling with freezing temperatures on/off  since late afternoon.  I was half asleep when I answered the cell phone so I am sure Jim did not really believe me…the school where we teach and kids attend rarely cancels, now last week when there was 5-6 inches of snow…it would have been great, but today I was not expecting it.

This morning Jim had to double check by watching the school closing information on the tv.  It was true so…we went back to sleep.  At 7:20, Elizabeth awoke with a start….Is is a snow day???  We calmed her down, but I think she was more afraid of being late to school.

We have spent a very leisurely day at home since we have a free day….the ice melted by noon and most of last weeks snow is gone due to warm temperatures earlier in the week.  Today we have read, done homework, watch a movie or 2, played games and exercised on the wii, made homemade potato soup for lunch, done some laundry,  Erik and Elizabeth did find some ice to slide on for a while, talked to grandma (SE Nebraska got 6 inches of snow yesterday),  took the dog for a walk, took Erik to his piano lesson, went to Wal-Mart, and I will head to Bible study later this evening. 

 It felt good to have a free day to get some of the weekend jobs done ahead of time since we have a busy weekend…

The End of 2010

A Carriage Ride

The weekend before school was out we went to Bradley Fair to ride the horse drawn carriage.  It was a cold, but  an enjoyable evening of family time.









Gingerbread Houses

This has been an on-going tradition that has changed a little over time.  This year we did not accomplish this activity until we were out of school on Christmas break.  I also had a little help from the store.  I purchased premade houses that were part of a village.  Elizabeth and Erik each picked 2 to decorate and I was able to do the fifth one.  I really enjoy watching their creativity and how their houses change from year to year.  It was fun to be able to participate this year.








Our Christmas took us to Nebraska this year.  We spent a few days with my mom and then an afternoon with Jim’s family in Lincoln, and then we took another day trip to see my good friend, Judy in Millard.  The kids had a great time opening their gifts, but the favorite gift this Christmas was the “hat.”   The kids wore theirs all day on Christmas.







Ted E. Bear

No trip to grandma’s would be complete without Teddy.  He tolerates Erik, but is beginning to warm up to him.  He loves to have Elizabeth pick him up and love all over him.  This year he thought the ribbons and wrap were fun!







A 70 degree day….

Who would think in Kansas on December 30 it would be almost 70 degrees?  We took advantage of the weather and visited the Sedgwick County Zoo.  It was a fun trip as we have usually ventured there when the weather is well over 90.  Elizabeth took a variety of different pictures of the animals doing different things than we normally see on visits.

New Year's Day Pictures instead of our traditional Christmas Day pic!


These 2 children are totally amazing and it was reaffirmed to me on the way home from work this afternoon.  We were driving along and they were both talking about their days.  Erik started telling us about how they were going to write about topics to have a debate in class, just a reminder he is only in 5th grade.   Today they had an example and it was if children should get an allowance or not.  As he is talking, he says “no” and then Elizabeth chimes in with a “no” also.  I continue to listen to them tell me all of the reasons children should not get an allowance.  Some of which include:  it is just part of your responsibility; you have to learn how to do it so when you live by yourself you can do it then; so you can teach your children to be responsible; you shouldn’t get paid for things that have to be done; and I am sure there were a few more because I was so amazed to be hearing their comments, although I shouldn’t have been.  They are great kids and even though like all of us, sometimes complain about those things that have to be done they do help out around the house and with other things that we ask them to do.  They do get a small allowance each month, but we also talked about how they get other things each month that also is a small payment for the things they do to help out.  Today was a day that I was very happy to be their mom!!