A Journey

Today I realized that sometime you need a permit to go on a journey.  My family will go on our annual journey to the artic to dig for fossils of penguins.  We will stumble over genuine items while we tremble in the cold.  We will appreciate all of the help we can get, even if you can’t come.  My cousin will be there and he may cause some mischief of quarrel but it will still be amazing.

We will have an artist to illustrate the modern antarctic ice cap.  We will feel sorrow for not bringing a pupil with us but it is the right decision.  We deserve to be on this level piece of ice that we stand on.  We are going to do this for everyone.

These pictures were from several weeks ago when we got an unexpected snow day.  The story was written by Erik as a way to practice spelling words.  I thought it was a great way to show some more of those snow pictures.  On a side note..one week after the snow and frigid temperatures we had several 60-70 degree days and our snow is but a distant memory!  We are all anxious for spring to arrive.


Thoughts from Chocolate

Who would have though a candy company would come up with the best sayings on their candy wrappers.  We love Dove chocolate at our house, not only for the chocolate but the sayings on the inside of the wrappers.

I was unwrapping yesterday and  making  those yummy peanut butter cookies with chocolate hearts instead of kisses from Christmas.  We kept some of the cookies for ourselves but also shared with teacher, neighbors, and the mailman to say “thank you” for delivering the mail in all of the snow and cold the last 2 weeks.

I thought some of the sayings were worth sharing and thinking about in the days ahead….

*sleep under the stars tonight                              *make someone melt today

*laugh until your heart overflows                      *remember your first crush

*hug someone today                                                *linger over chocolate longer

*a gentle touch speaks volumes                          *exercise your hear today

*get swept away by love                                         *watch the sun come up

*savor small romantic moments                        *go where your heart takes you

*discover how much your heart can hold       *express whats in your heart

*share a secret                                                             *hold hands firmly, hearts gently

*listen with your heart                                              *trust with your heart, not your head

*do something spontaneous                                   *Chocolate. Always your valentine

Wishing you and yours a Happy Valentine’s Day!!  My loving husband made sure I had flowers for the day!

Pine Wood Derby

A few weeks ago, Erik’s boy scout troop held its annual Pine Wood Derby.  Erik found a pattern on the internet.  The minister at our church cut it out and Erik and Jim did the rest.  It is always fun to see what the boys’ come up with before the race.

After losing the first heat, Erik came from behind in the loser’s bracket to be the winner of this year’s Pine Wood Derby.  He also learned a lesson about the wheels and the axils as his wheels fell off after every other race.  He was persistent and his hard work paid off.  I am so proud of him!

Truly 2 snow days!

The weather was frightful, but not as bad as it could have been.  This is what I remember blizzards were like in Nebraska growing up, but more snow.  We probably had less than 4 inches of snow, but I am not sure how you measure it when it is blowing around at 40-50 miles an hour from the North.  We did not have school the past 2 day which in itself is somewhat of a miracle. 

Inside of storm door this am, after the snow and below 0 temps.


We all have found things to do…reading books, baking, the boys are building a roller coaster that Erik got for Christmas, practicing violin and piano, working on taxes, lounging in comfy clothes or pjs  and of course time away from school would not be complete without school work.  It was wonderful, everyone found things to do to keep themselves occupied and I was able to read a book for a couple of uninterrupted hours and watch a program that I had DVRd a few weeks ago.

A snow day or two would not be complete without  the opportunity to play in the snow.  Elizabeth wanted to go out yesterday and Erik today.  I let them go out for a short amount of time both days and everyone had a much better attitude.  Yesterday Maisy only went out a few times….today it must have been warmer and less windy because it seemed she wanted to venture out more often.

After the snow ended and the blowing had subsided a little bit, Jim ventured out to scoop the drift that was in front of the garage and our front porch.