March Madness….

Since basketball is still going strong….WSU (shockers) are headed to New York and KU (Jayhawks) are still playing I thought I could still post Erik’s basketball pictures.  There were a large number of 5th graders wanting to play b-ball this year.  They were divided into a black and gold team.  They typically played on Mondays and Saturdays, although Erik did not play on Mondays.  They participated in one tournament which the gold team faired better than the black (Erik’s.)

It was fun to watch as the boys’ skills and confidence grew.  It was also great to meet some more parents that we will have contact with during the rest of the time Erik is in school and sports.  At the end of the season, the black and gold played for the championship game on a Saturday.  We were just happy that both teams did so well, but this time the Black team came out on top!  Way to go Jr. Railers–both black and gold teams. 


What do they share?

A few of you may know where this is headed, others of you may have to think a little bit before coming up with the answer.  What do these 2 things share?

Give up?  Elizabeth is swimming with 17 other girls for Newton High School this spring.  She has never swam before in a competition, but is going to give it her best shot!  She has practiced for 5 days.  The coach says she has a good breast stroke kick and is good at the back stroke.  We will do the best to support her in this new endeavor as we learn as much about swimming as she does.