Solar System

The fifth graders in Erik’s class were given a project before spring break that they had to complete at home and turn in before last Friday.  The assignement was to make a model of the solar system and then as a “reward” for completing their project on time they get to take a trip to the Cosmosphere on Tuesday.

Well, Erik is all about field trips and projects.  From the beginning, he wanted his model to spin.  He also wanted each of his planets to be different sizes as they are in real life.  After much compromise and looking high and low for styro- foam balls of different sizes, painting began and putting everything together with dad’s help  were the evenings events for severals days.

The project was turned in on Thursday.  The fifth graders shared their projects in class on Friday.  Erik said some of them were awesome, some used a clock, and others made a cake.  It sounds like there are some pretty creative students out there.  I hope they have a great trip on Tuesday!



A mom is suppose to be proud of her children, but I am so proud of Elizabeth that I have to share!  When spring sports practice started she was determined to swim, actually she has said she wanted to swim since last year after track.  She had a couple of rough practices which is to be expected at the beginning of the season  and was also sick so there were many conversations about staying with swimming or not.  Well, from a previous post, you know she decided to stay.  She has had many positive/good practices as well as her share of ones that are tough, but she keeps trying the things the coaches and other team members are helping her with.  One other obstacle she has had to overcome was a case of the shingles on her back and upper thigh. She is determined and doesn’t give up easily.  Tonight was an example of that…the thing that we told Elizabeth was that she was to work to improve her times in the events that she swam, she would be “winning” if her times improved.   Tonight the Varsity and Junior Varsity swimmers went to Salina South.  Elizabeth swam 2 events….50 yd freestyle; her time today was 58:99 and last time or her first race was 1:15:15.  The other race was the 100 yd breaststoke; her time today was 2:08:98 which is faster than last time at 2:23:63.

Swimming has been good for some other friendships to develop.  The night before a meet they do something together as a team, like having dinner together.  This is what she came home with last night….

it says nhs with waves for swimming.  Don’t worry it’s not permanent! but her mom thinks it is way cool just like her daugher!!  I am so very proud of you!!