How the Summer Started

We headed to one of our favorite vacation spots over Memorial Day Weekend.

We spent 3 days in Branson over Memorial Day weekend.  It was a much shorter trip, but I think as enjoyable.  E and E were especially looking forward to spending some time in the pool.  They were eager to swim at every opportunity, even though I don’t think the water had been in the pool very long as it was a little too chilly for the adults.  The first night we tried an Italian restaurant that we had not been too before.  We had brick oven pizza and pasta.  Jim and I thought it was very good, but the kids weren’t impressed.  A trip to Branson would not be complete without a trip downtown to the landing.  We stopped at the Dime Store and found memories of our childhood.  After that we headed to the landing hoping to see the “Fire and Water Fountain Show”, but we were disappointed, due to the flooding no show.

The next day we went to The Track.  Erik was hoping since last year’s trip with choir that he had grown so he could ride on the big track by himself.  Well, not tall enough yet…so we had a little disappointment, but seemed to enjoy himself.  I need to watch out or someday racing may be in his future.







After the racing, there was a little time for some arcade games.  Another favorite for both, but an activity that doesn’t happen often.







On Sunday evening we went to The Haygoods.  They are an awesome show that I think anyone from the youngest to the oldest would enjoy.  They are a family of  8 children, 7 boys and 1 girl.  They play a variety of musical instruments and sing.







It is nice to get away and enjoy family time without the distractions that are at home.  After we returned we hit the ground running with a variety of other activities that are on our summer list.


Going to Camp

Erik has been to church camp since he was a kindergartener.  He has even went to camp as a cub scout, but now Erik is a Boy Scout and gets to go to Quiveria Scout Camp in Sedan.  I had not thought much about it until several weeks ago, Elizabeth said Erik is going for a longer time than he has ever went to camp before and it is 3 hours away instead of just 1 hour away.  That comment freaked the mama in me out a little bit and I was worried, but this morning when we sent him off with 2 leader and 6 other boy scouts I was feeling better about the whole thing.







They loaded cots, sleeping bags, fishing poles, walking sticks, and totes with all of the necessaties  for a weeks worth of camping.  They put all of their things in totes to help keep the “critters” out.  Erik told me at breakfast that if  a coon ended up in his stuff he would not bother it with his walking stick because it really was his space.  The other thing that our minister told him was to make sure he shook his shoes out each morning before putting them on in the morning.







Wishing everyone in the troop a safe and fun week!  I know Erik will have a great time and come back with lots of stories from his adventures.

She’s 15

It is hard to believe that our little girl is not a little girl, but a beautiful young lady.  When you first have a baby, everyone tells you that the time goes way too fast and you agree, but in the back of your mind you really don’t believe it.  Well, it is true!

Some of the things that I remember from 15 years ago include:  not being able to work the few weeks; having stress tests because Elizabeth wasn’t a baby that liked to move alot; Jim missing the last day of school because Elizabeth decided to be born; a good friend sewing the curtains for Elizabeth’s room (this friend’s daughter’s birthday is also June 5); having Sharon and Amy as Labor and Delivery Nurses; it being a stormy day with weather watches and Oprah on TV; Elizabeth returning to the hospital 2 times due to jaundice (even though we were told we would not be back after the 1st time); Jim purchasing last minute things on the way home from the hospital while we waited in the car; and the nurses using corn syrup to put the bow on her head as she didn’t have much hair.

I hope the next 15 years don’t go as fast, but I am sure there will be just as many memories!   We love you…very much!!!!