Craig and Sharon’s Wedding

In June we went to Nebraska to help celebrate a wonderful occassion. Jim’s youngest brother got married to a wonderful person.  Erik was a jr. groomsman and Elizabeth was a candle-lighter.  We were able to see some relatives that we don’t see often and made new friends.

Sharon did a great job of planning everything down to the last detail!  The colors went well together and everyone looked just awesome.

Nebraska cousins.

NE and MI cousins, but missing 2.

Sharon and Craig;  We are wishing a life time of happiness.



Pickin’ Strawberries








Strawberries happen in June before it gets hot.  While this year June started out unseasonably warm 90’s.  So I wasn’t sure we would get a chance to go and pick strawberries.  I responded to a post on Jester Creek Farms on facebook that if there were strawberries available I would love to come and pick some.  I received a call on a Sunday night staying they would have berries the next day.  The following morning I load Elizabeth and Erik in the car and said we were going to do something fun.  (When they were little they loved to go to the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard to gather fruit.)







The berries were so sweet, much different than the ones we buy weekly from the store.  In the spring we talked about planting a small area in our yard with plants and Jim even got it ready.   I think we will try to do that in the fall when the many days of over 100 degrees end.  ( I am glad we did not get to it in the spring.  I am thinking the plants would not have made it with all of this heat.)









E and E thanks for a quick and fun spur of the moment activity that wasn’t on our summer list.

Another year older

Erik returned home from Boy Scout Camp on Saturday and celebrated his birthday on Monday, July 4.  When he was helping to unload the supplies from the trailer, Jim and I commented that Erik looked older.  Well, now he is really another year older.  It is hard to believe that he is 11 years old.
Erik was a surprise, we weren’t expecting him until the middle of August.  He has blessed us with many exciting times so it is only right that he have a holiday full of excitement.  When Erik was little he did not like fireworks, even sitting on our laps covering his ears.  Boy, how things have changed this year; he wanted to be a part of the excitement helping Jim light them.

Erik wearing his NU titanium necklace that he rec'd for a gift.Opening his itouch.


Opening his itouch.

The only gift Erik wanted for his birthday was an itouch, but that was way more money then we would ever spend on a birthday present.  So we came to a compromise, with his birthday dollars he received from others he would pay for a portion and we would pay for the rest.  He was very agreeable so thanks to everyone who made it a group gift!
We spent the day at home.  Erik and dad did go to a Rebels baseball game, but Elizabeth and I chose to stay home where it was cool.  We grilled a favorite for supper and tried a new recipe at lunch time.  It was all very yummy!  It would not be complete without homemade ice cream on the 4th of July though.
Erik I am so lucky that I get to share my birthday with you because we can focus on you and not that I am getting another year older.  These words describe you on your special day.  I love you!
K–kind and loving