Girl Time

The boys left for church camp during July for a week.  So…it was just us girls.  We both spent time working and time alone, but we were lucky enough to have 1 day that we spent together.  I treasure that time as I know it will be gone in a flash!

We went to Wichita for the day.  We did some shopping, ate at The Noodle Company, more shopping, and stopped at Orange Leaf Yogurt before coming home.  In the evening we watched a movie and did a craft.







We found these bird houses for $1 and Elizabeth thought they would be fun to paint.  She is very interested in designing and how things go together these days.  I am blessed that we had that time together this summer.  (Only one picture, enjoying the time together and not taking pictures.)



One last time…

This was a favorite place for Erik and Elizabeth to go when they were little.  They enjoyed going and playing the video/arcade games without much extra money on our part.  Well, shortly after we moved Erik went for a birthday party and he had some prize tickets left and he thought he should go one last time and spend his tickets.

Erik asked a friend to go eat pizza and play games for the afternoon.  Jim and Elizabeth were off at church camp so it was a relaxing afternoon for me.  I was able to read a book in an air conditioned space while Erik and his friend had a great time in a safe environment.

They had a great time working together to see how they could get the most tickets.  In the end, I saw more tickets than we have ever collected.  I think they even had fun putting the tickets into the “counter.”  They split the tickets and both came away with crazy balls and candy.

Boys of Summer







This year we watched the 10 year old Cal Ripken team play for Newton.  Erik was on this team along with some new friends.  The boys played very well and even made it to district play in Hillsboro.  Erik missed 2 weeks of games due to being at church and Boy Scout camp. 





















Erik was able to pitch and play infield for his team.  When he wasn’t playing he went to a Wichita Wingnuts game with the family and watched the Alma Cardinals play in Nebraska.  (It’s the American Legion Team that all of the uncles and grandpa Brown have been on or helped with over the years.)