2011 in Review







The Christmas season was upon us before I knew it.  I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t rush Thanksgiving…it seems to be the forgotten holiday, but then I seemed to be behind during the whole month of December.  So instead of a Christmas letter, I will highlight our comings and goings in 2011.

ERIK:  The first thing that comes to my mind is involvement in sports during every season, soccer in the spring and fall; basketball during the winter; and baseball during the long hot summer that we had in Kansas.  Erik is now a 6th grader, but doing 7th grade math and other enrichment activities during his time at school.  He started playing percussion in the band, and continues with piano.  Erik’s piano teacher says he has “the passion.”  Erik does seem to develop a passion for everything he does.  We enjoyed hearing Christmas songs throughout the season being played on the piano.  He also went to church camp and Boy Scout camp during the summer.

ELIZABETH:  Involved…which means busy!  She is now a sophomore at Newton High.  During her freshman years she earned an academic letter and silver bar for her grades.  Elizabeth also swam on the swim team which lead her to a summer job at the pool and now she is amanager for the boy’s swim team.  She also has found an interest in drama.  She was in Camp Rock this fall and is now in a one act play being directed by a senior.  She took driver’s ed this summer and continues to practice her driving.  She is able to drive to and from school/work, but hasn’t had many opportunities to go solo.  Elizabeth is also involved in church activities..she help at camp as a counselor in training and then went for a week herself.

JIM and JONNI:  Our time and energy is devoted to the kids.  We are still working in our same jobs, however Jim was asked to make a switch to teach at 2 schools.  He is still at Slate Creek, but also travels to Walton which is a small charter type school.  Jim also had 2 opportunities to be a counselor at church camp.  He is now also helping with Boy Scouts.

Jim and Erik did have the opportunity to go the the NU vs. Michigan State football game.  Elizabeth and I had a girls weekend in Kansas City.  She purchased tickets to Taylor Swift at Arrowhead Stadium.

We enjoy spending time together, but it seems to get more difficult with multiple schedules to coordinate.  We also had the opportunity to see extended family on both side of the family…both in joyful and sorrowful situations.  Jim’s brother, Craig got married and 2 of my aunt/uncle  passed away.  My mom and her dog, Ted E. and Jim’s brother, Keith  and his wife Barb came for Christmas.  It was a fun 3 days, but very quiet since they left.

I will try to keep up on those fun and memorable events by posting on our blog so stop by during the year to see what we are up to.  We are wishing you a healthy and blessed 2012!

Love:  Jim, Jonni, Elizabeth, and Erik


Merry Christmas!







Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas!  If you received your Christmas card and are checking this for a possible update on what we are doing please check back in the next day or two….things have been very busy and I did not get our site updated as soon as I had hoped.

Taylor Swift








It pays to have a summer job!    Elizabeth worked at the pool this summer and used some of her hard earned dollars to take us (a girls trip) to Kansas City to see Taylor in September.  The mom in me wouldn’t let her purchase the most expensive tickets so we were able to sit quite high at Arrowhead Stadium.  The good thing was that we were able to sit the whole time. 







We met up with my best friend and her girls along with her sister in law and niece, even though we had seats in separate spots.









I think it was a wonderful first concert experience for Elizabeth and a great girls weekend.