Our little girl is growing up into a beautiful young lady!  Notice the changes over the last several months.

                                                               Braces and glasses.

                                                  Braces are off and she now has contacts!


Sites of a Christmas Break

This year we were able to spend Christmas at home.  It was a joyful occasion because family was here, but we were also able to light the Christ candle in our advent wreath which reminds us of the true meaning of the season.

We opened presents through the morning on Christmas.  This was hard for Erik as he did not remeber actually going to church on Christmas even though going on Christmas eve is a tradition.

We had days spent playing games and enjoying the company of family we don’t see often enough.  The weather was also great so the dogs were able to get their daily walks.

What vacation would not be complete without a nap or two?  I think it is very funny that everyone likes to take pictures of people sleeping, even the dogs got caught.

One day during break the temperatures were in the 60s, so hard to believe it was December in Kansas.  Erik had a friend over and they played dodgeball with marshmallows outside and my pansies look like it was still spring.

The break gave us a change to do some crafts that we did not have time to do before the holidays were actually upon us.

I love the memories that we make as a family and I hope that they will always be with us even when we can’t be with those near and dear to us.