A great weekend for Soccer

The last couple of seasons have been rough for the Newton United team Erik plays on.  In fact, they did not win any games in the fall.  As a parent, it is hard to watch your child’s team play hard, but never come out on top.

Well, this weekend they tied a game and won a game!








Erik is #5 and loves to play forward.


A Sweetest Dream

Elizabeth was asked to go to prom by one of the boys’ on the swim team.  At first mom and dad were a little skeptical, but as the events unfolded we were anxious for a magical day for our daughter.  Elizabeth, a friend and I went dress shopping in late February and found a dress.

Yesterday morning we were off to get her hair done..Nails had already been done last week before a swim meet on Friday night.

Elizabeth and Nathan went to Red Robin for dinner in Wichita.  They decided they would not wear their prom clothes, but change after dinner.  They came to our house for pictures and then off to have pictures at Nathan’s grandparents house.



















The theme of the prom was one associated with the golden ticket.  Jim and I went in the afternoon and took pictures.  It was pretty amazing!




















The students arrive via different and unique modes of transportation.  Some students arrived by a boat, firetruck, u-haul truck, but Nathan and Elizabeth arrived in a convertible.  Parents and community members watch and enjoy the excitement of prom.








It was a sweet dream come true that she could attend prom as a sophmore.  It is hard for this mom to believe that the time has went so fast…and she truly is a princess in my sweetest dream!


At our house we  have always tried to focus on the Christian aspect of holidays as well as all of the fun things that happen at the same time.  It is becoming a little harder for the mom in me to give up some of the traditions that were started when Erik and Elizabeth were younger.

This year, I boiled eggs and bought dye to dye them…but when the time came to do it Erik said he really did not want to.  One tradition that was started by a special “Easter Rabbit” when we lived in Emporia was that a little treat would appear on our porch for the kids… well we have started that tradition for the children that are our neighbors here.


Jim and I went to Sunrise service at church this morning and then Elizabeth and Erik joined us for the traditional worship service.  This evening we watched the movie Jesus.  It was a great way to remember why we celebrate Easter.   This verse from 1 Corinthians 15:57 also puts it into perspective.  But thanks be to God!  He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.