The summer has gotten away from me without a post about 2 of my favorite children and their birthdays.


She turned 16 this year.  I thought it was worthy to post 16 things about her.

1.  Your hair.  Your dad loves it when it is curly and long, but I like it when you spend the time to straighten it.

2.  You have a beautiful singing voice and I love listening to you sing.

3.  I am glad that most of the time you and your brother get along so well,  and you aren’t afraid to show it.

4.  You are determined to finish things once you start them, especially if it is important to you.  Swimming comes to mind, you have worked hard and continue to work hard to be the best you can be.

5.  I like that sometimes you can be silly and you aren’t afraid to laugh…it makes us laugh too.

6.  You enjoy spending time with children.  You work in the nursery at church,  teach swimming lessons, and was a CIT at church camp.

7.  You enjoy cooking by yourslf and with us.

8.  You help around the house even though it is not your most favorite thing to do.

9.  You have a strong devotion for GOD.

10.  You are a goal setter and aim to achieve the goals you set.

11.  You worked at the pool the last 2 summers.

12.  You are a leftie.

13.  You have been driving by yourself and you are doing a great job.

14.  Dad says you are a free-spirit.

15.  You have become very interested in acting and participating in school productions.

16.  At the present time, you say you want to do something in the medical field.


Erik turned 12 and it is hard to believe that we almost have 2 teenagers in the house.  I thought it was only fair to post 12 things about Erik.

1.  You are very athletic and interested in a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, and baseball.  You are going to try cross country when school starts.

2.  You are senstive and wear your heart on your sleeve.  You take after your grandpa.

3.  You have a great sense of humor and you always know how to make someone laugh.

4.  You love to read.

5.  You play the piano and drums.  Your piano teacher says you are very passionate about your interest in the piano.

6.  Erik you have a great memory and seem to remember the things I forget.

7.  Sharing a birthday with his mom makes the day more special.

8.  I am glad that you have the opportunity to be in Boy Scouts so you can learn about the outdoors and the things that you are interested in like fishing and camping.

9.  Once you have a friend, they will be a forever friend.

10.  You are very persistent and don’t let things go easily.

11.  You are a good student and are often interested in many different things.

12.  Erik sings in the community choir and has had several solos.

I love you 2 very much and glad to have you as my kids!


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