School Year 2012

Erik started school on the official first day of school.  He is entering 7th grade and when I asked him what he was most excited about he said algebra.  Some of his buddies from 6th grade will be taking algebra with the 8th graders  this year.  He wasn’t too excited about the picture, but I told him I would probably be taking 1st day of school pictures when he left for college.














Elizabeth had an extra day at home and started school on Thursday with all of the 8th graders and upper classmen at the High School.  It is hard to believe this will be her Junior Year!  The time has went really fast, I still remember when I cried her last day of preschool because I wasn’t ready for her to start kindergarten.

A picture of them together at the end of vacation, just about a week before school started.  I hope to get the vacation pictures posted soon.  They are standing in the Mississippi River in St. Louis which has become a tradition, starting when Elizabeth was 3.


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