It’s beginning to feel like Winter….

and with winter we anticipate the celebration of our savior’s birth, Christmas!

In Kansas this year we have had some very dry and unseasonable weather.  We received our first snow fall late Wednesday night waking up to some white covering the ground on Thursday morning.  By this morning the snow was wet enough to hold together to make snow balls for a friendly “fight” between siblings.  It is so nice to think they can dress with all of their snow gear by themselves and I can sit back and enjoy the fun they have together.

It becomes more difficult for me to write this update  as I truly reflect on how much everyone is growing up and changing.  When Elizabeth was little, everyone would say enjoy the time because they grow up way to fast…well  this Moma is having a hard time with how fast they are growing and the changes that come  with growing up.

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ERIK is now 12 and a 7th grader at Chisholm Middle School.  He is very active in sports and does very well, from the parent who is not at all athletic.  I enjoy watching his skill and his love for all sports.  This fall he ran cross-country for the first time.  I think he may have a new favorite, but he tells us his favorite is baseball.  Erik continues to play the piano and percussion in the band.  He is also beginning to show an interest in the trumpet so during the fall when there was a student teacher in band, he was able to have a little instruction and has picked some up while practicing.  Last summer, Erik and his Boy Scout troop travelled to Spanish Peaks in Colorado for a week.  He also went to church camp.


ELIZABETH is now a junior at Newton High School and 16 years old.  We were able to purchase a car, 1996 Toyota Corolla for her this fall which makes scheduling and getting 4 people to different locations much easier.  She continued to work at the pool during the summer as well as help at church camp.  She is planning to take a lifeguarding class so she can work more, paying for gas can get expensive.  Elizabeth continues to do well academically, earning another letter even though she is busy with many extracurricular activities.  During the school year she has participated in drama productions, swimming during girls’ season and managing for the boys’ swim team, and is active with the youth group at church.  She also works at the nursery at church on Sundays.  Elizabeth has started to think about her plans for college next year and gets mail on a weekly basis from several prospects that would like her to attend their schools.


JIM AND JONNI continue their teaching jobs with the Newton School System.  Many changes continue to rise to the fore-front in education so we are always trying to keep up with those changes.  Jim continues to be a Nebraska Sports Fan and St. Louis Cardinal Fan.  Jim and Erik were able to attend a football game in the fall.  He is also active with the Boy Scout Troop which Erik is a part of.  Jonni has started teaching the preschool Sunday School class at church.  She also continues to be available to provide respite care to families when her schedule away from family/school commitments allow.


We have travelled to Nebraska several times over the year to see family and friends.  The highlight of our travels this summer was a trip to West Virginia.  It has been 20 years since Jim and I went there on our honeymoon.  Jim promised Elizabeth a trip to meet relatives on his mom’s side of the family before graduating from High School.  We spent a week travelling through 5 states and 2 time changes.  There were changes, but a great learning experience for all of us.  We loved seeing family that we rarely see or talk to!  (the pictures are all from vacation since I never was able to get a post done about the trip.)

We are wishing you and your family a Blessed Holiday Season..