Mom-Son Date Night

2 years ago we went to the Harlem Globetrotters as a family.  I think we all had a good time, but that is all Erik could talk about for a long time following the event.  He was very disappointed when they came back to Wichita last year and he was told that we couldn’t attend because it was too expensive and it is something you do for a special occassion.

Shortly before Christmas he found out that they were coming back to Wichita. It was the topic of conversation for many days. Once again, we told him that it was too expensive to go and thinking that really we had been 1 time, already.

Erik received money as a Christmas present and offered to buy his ticket and then when he realize he needed an adult to go with him he offered to buy an adult ticket as well. What’s a parent to say when he wants to use his own money except, “I guess it is a date!” Jim and him decided it should be a mom/Erik date.

The show was a little different than we saw before including a female player and one that was called “tiny” but he was almost 7 feet tall and our seats were closer than last time so he was on cloud 9. I had a fun evening with my “little” boy who is growing up way to fast!